On each 3rd Sunday of the month, Knights attend the 9am Mass at St. Louis Bertrand parish together.  After Mass, our monthly meeting is held in the council hall on the 2nd floor of the parish center (beginning approximately at 10:15).  For members, meeting minutes are available here.


Brother Darrell Swope is our council's KofC General Agent.

2017-2018 Council Officers

 Grand Knight Tony Spratt     
 Deputy Grand Knight Mike O'Brien  
 Chaplain  Fr. Francis Ralph, O.P.  
 Financial Secretary    Doug Moeller
 Treasurer Glen Young  
 Chancellor Gene Smith  
 Recorder Jimmy Fallon  
 Lecturer Jed Kenney  
 Warden Kenny Douglas  
 Inside Guard Gerry Brown
 Outside Guard Patrick Coombs  
 Advocate Trevor Mahoney  
 First Year Trustee Brian Brennan  
 Second Year Trustee  Tip Thibodeaux  
 Third Year Trustee Mike Milligan  

Our entire membership directory is available here (must be signed in to view this page).

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