"Sign In" to our site / How to create a Google Account

To sign into this site or sign into the google group directly your e-mail address needs to be tied to a Google Account.  If you use G-Mail (google's email), this is done automatically.  If you use a different e-mail service (e.g. @yahoo, @hotmail, @me, or anything else), you need to create a Google account using that e-mail address as the account id.

If you have an @gmail.com e-mail address - or - a Google account already, skip to step #7.

(click images below for larger versions) 

1. Open a web browse and navigate to http://google.com
In the upper right corner you want to see a red Sign In box, like the picture below.  (If there is not such a box, click the name appearing in the upper right corner of the web-page and then select "sign out" from the pop-up menu.)  

2. Click the "Sign In" button above to reach the "Sign Up" button in the upper right-corner pictured below.

3.  Click the "Sign Up" button to reach the "Create Account Form"
     On the "Create Account Form" page, click the link that says "I prefer to use my current email address"

4.  You'll get a new form, pictured below -- fill out this form using your current email (the one registered in the google group) as the username.  When complete, submit the form.  Note -- the password you type on this form does NOT need to match your e-mail password, but it can.

5.  You see this "verification" screen prompting you to check your e-mail.

6.  Go to your e-mail, look for the message from Google and click the verification link as indicate in the message.

7.  That's it ... you should now be able to sign into Google using your e-mail as the username and whatever password you entered on the account creation form above.  If you click the "sign in" link at the bottom of any of this site's pages, it should automatically sign you into the site (prompting for password if you are not already signed into google).  At that point, you'll be able to see secure content and in fact, edit the site directly.  Please note:  There seems to be an idiosyncrasy, wherein you must click "sign in" twice.  The first "sign in" click will allow you to type your authentication information; you may then need to click "sign in" a 2nd time before you can see secure content. 

Any questions - please let me know: mark.gehl@gmail.com