For more than 20 years, St. Louis Bertrand council has served our parish and community engaging in many different service and fraternal activities.  We divide these activities into six categories: Church, Community, Council, Family, Youth, and Pro-Life.  

Please check the Upcoming Events page for volunteer opportunities or Calendar for regularly schedules activities.

Some examples of our ongoing programs are below . . . 

o Provide Mass Transportation for elderly parishioners
   from Chapel House & Friendship House
o Participation in May procession
o Participation in Corpus Christi procession
o Participation in the Clergy Appreciation Dinner
o Pennies from Heaven fundraiser for seminarians
o RSVP Program

o Sponsor Regular Blood Drives
o Help at Annual Parish Cook-Out
o Finance, prepare & distribute Thanksgiving Food Baskets
o Annual Tootsie Roll Drive to support the mentally handicap.
   In 2012, we raised more than $2000!
o Helping Hands: household projects for people in need
o NFL Tickets fundraiser

o Monthly Mass
o Annual Golf Tournament
o Monthly First Degree Exemplification

o Sponsor Parish Pancake Breakfasts
o Sponsor Parish Spaghetti Dinners
o Annual Bats Game outing
o Participate in the Hibernian St. Patrick’s Day Parade

o Run a booth at St. Joseph’s Children’s Home annual picnic.  
   In 2013, we raised more than $5400 -- a top 5 booth!
   In 2014, we raised approx. $4000 (exact # forthcoming)
   In 2015, we again raised over $5000
   In 2017, we saw a record of close to $6,000 raised
o Sponsorship of Ignite Your Torch Youth Conference
o Christmas Pancake Breakfast with Santa
o Free Throw Tournament
o Soccer Challenge

o Praying outside the local abortion mill
o 40 Days For Life
o Participation in the Annual Right to Life Mass
o Attending the March for Life in Washington DC